Jacob Pastor
Jacob Pastor

Jacob Pastor


Jacob Pastor is an Associate at Intensity. His professional experience includes economic and financial modeling, statistical analysis, and economic research. Mr. Pastor applies his expertise to conduct rigorous economic analyses, often involving tests of large data sets, to assist clients in determining the value of assets and solving complex business challenges.

Examples of Mr. Pastor’s work include the following projects:

| Economic analysis for a suit alleging infringement of a patent describing an agricultural chemical process. Performed research and analysis of the market for agricultural chemicals, and the value of the patented process.

| Impact analysis for a suit alleging misuse of trade secrets in the consumer lending industry. Researched and analyzed competitive consumer lending, and the value of relevant proprietary information to plaintiff’s and defendant’s businesses.

| Development of ticket pricing for a major-league sports team. Utilized an analytical approach, and predictive modeling to ascertain demand drivers for sports tickets. Recommendations included improvements to increase revenue, maximize attendance, and enhanced fans’ ticket-buying experience.

Mr. Pastor graduated from the University of Chicago with a degree in Economics.

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