Nathan Trujillo
Nathan Trujillo

Nathan Trujillo

Senior Associate

Nathan Trujillo is a Senior Associate at Intensity and an accomplished expert at creating intuitive visual representations of robust models to facilitate a user’s decision making and response. For over fifteen years, Mr. Trujillo has built his career by specializing in the following areas:

  • Data Architecture
  • Modeling
  • Event Driven Design
  • Interface Programming
  • 3D Interfaces
  • Javascript
  • Test driven development

Mr. Trujillo has worked on a number of advanced projects. Recently he designed and deployed a large content distribution network for the digital signage industry, and a real time IoT energy monitoring system for power use among the hospitality industry. As a UI engineer with Taser™, he built the next generation interface for on-officer cameras. On another project, Mr. Trujillo developed a light control sub-system that monitored the efficient acceleration/deceleration on a rotational device that included a sensory safety trigger to auto trigger a hardware step down if actuated.

Prior to Intensity, Mr. Trujillo, led a multi-national team at Locbit that teamed up with Panasonic’s R&D division to notify consumers of possible responses based on IoT event triggers. At Drive Current, he defined an API for mobile devices, and built a behavioral driven and test architecture for the Central Dispatch suite of products. At Mindgruve, he developed a virtual gifting interface for Carnival Cruise Lines allowing crowd source funding of merchandise and services for over 500,000 consumers.

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