Arvin Mohapatra
Arvin Mohapatra

Arvin Mohapatra


Arvin Mohapatra specializes in data analysis and statistical modeling. He has conducted research in financial analytics and risk assessments at Fortune 500 firms. Mr. Mohapatra’s expertise includes evaluating financial performances by firms in both the information technology and consumer staples sectors.

In addition, Mr. Mohapatra’s experience expands to financial and statistical analyses of various initiatives within the retail industry and education sector.

As a research assistant for the economics department at Boston College, Mr. Mohapatra assisted in developing OLS, second, and third difference-in-difference models within the state’s 70 school districts, which aided in optimizing the college’s academic success. His work also involved data analysis, surveys, and a published paper.

Mr. Mohapatra earned his B.A. in Economics from Boston College.

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