Christian Staller
Christian Staller

Christian Staller

Chief Operating Officer

Christian Staller is Chief Operating Officer of Intensity, LLC.  He is an accomplished cross-functional strategic executive with an exceptional track record in marketing, sales, finance, team management, and operations, among others.  Organizations call upon Mr. Staller as a change agent to achieve their maximum potential.  He has found much success in implementing client-focus account management methodologies.

For over 30 years, Mr. Staller has been a big picture visionary who understands how to elevate business operations and performance.  On numerous occasions, he solves complex challenges resulting in outstanding outcomes.  In one example, Mr. Staller unified three separate legal services companies under one corporate brand and facilitated two additional additions over five years.  Those activities doubled revenue to more than $50 million within eight years.  In another example, as President and General Manager for a consumer products group, he refocused external marketing teams and restructured key personnel resulting in a significant sales improvement.

Prior to Intensity, Mr. Staller achieved outstanding success as a senior executive across a gamut of industries all of which lay testimony to his business acumen.  He has led several different companies from consulting services, to wine importing and distributing, to a very successful consumer electronics venture–and most recently to a tool and tool storage solution company.  Mr. Staller has served on non-profits, as well as commercial entities, from strategic consultant to President and CEO.  The diversity of his career spans a wide spectrum of industries from marketing, interactive, product, legal, web, advertising, and mortgage to name a few, resulting in a unique, powerful perspective towards his problem-solving roots as an engineer.

Christian received his B.S. Electrical Engineering from the Villanova University.

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