Ian Foley
Ian Foley

Ian Foley


Ian Foley is an Associate at Intensity. Mr. Foley has partaken in numerous intellectual property litigation and other matters. Mr. Foley has contributed analysis and economic research relating to lost profits, reasonable royalties, trademark valuation, breach of contract, antitrust, and commercial success. Mr. Foley also has experience in a range of industries. His work spans pharmaceuticals, consumer electronics, food manufacturing, and computer software, among others.

Examples of Mr. Foley’s work include the following projects:

| Patent damages for multimedia content navigation technology. Analyzed reasonable royalty damages for alleged infringement of patented multimedia content navigation technology, including evaluation of the economic contribution of the technology to sales, customer satisfaction, and competitive positioning relative to the next-best alternative.

|Assessment of lost profits and reasonable royalties for biologic drug. Analyzed payer and provider relationships, competitive dynamics, and marketing and promotional effects between a biologic drug and its biosimilars within the pharmaceutical industry to estimate the economic effects of alleged patent infringement.

|Trademark valuation of airline brand. Analyzed industry profitability, market shares, and trademark royalty rates in order to provide an appropriate valuation of an international airline brand entering into bankruptcy proceedings.

|Optimal pricing analysis for potential pharmaceutical drug. Analyzed marketplace pricing and cost dynamics and payer relationships to determine optimal entry pricing for a small molecule drug in order to mitigate potential lost profit and reasonable royalty damages from patent infringement brought forth by a marketplace competitor.


Mr. Foley earned his Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of California, San Diego.

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