Irina Telyukova
Irina Telyukova

Irina Telyukova, Ph.D.

Vice President

Irina Telyukova, Ph.D. is a Vice President at Intensity Corporation and an expert in applied economics and finance, with more than fifteen years of experience in quantitative economic and financial research and consulting.

Dr. Telyukova’s expertise spans a range of topics including:

  • Business forecasting and optimization
  • Predictive modeling
  • Revenue and price optimization
  • Housing markets
  • Mortgage and credit card markets
  • Advanced computational modeling
  • Intellectual property litigation
  • Corporate and consumer finance
  • Labor and employment

Dr. Telyukova has extensive expertise in predictive modeling using advanced data-driven and quantitative methods, with a focus on business forecasting of revenues and profits for companies, business segments, industries, and sectors. Dr. Telyukova also provides economic consulting in pricing and revenue optimization, as well as expert services in litigation in a variety of industries, including life sciences and electronics. She has provided expert analysis in a number of high-stakes cases involving financial, economic, and econometric analysis of lost profits and reasonable royalties.Dr. Telyukova is also a leading expert on quantitative consumer finance, real estate and labor economics, mortgage markets analysis, credit card and labor markets, and policy and regulation in these areas. In one project, she analyzed current demand for reverse mortgages among retirees in the U.S. She used a large-scale computational model of the current retirement-age population, including its wealth, income, health and longevity characteristics, to predict medium- and long-run effects on the reverse mortgage industry of the Great Recession, and of the recent changes in reverse mortgage regulation. In other projects, Dr. Telyukova studied the role of housing wealth and mortgage debt, and of their interactions with rising medical costs, Social Security and Medicaid, on financial security of retirees in the U.S. In previous research, Dr. Telyukova has analyzed activity levels and cyclicality in housing markets based on housing transactions data, the impact of credit card debt and policy on consumer behavior, and the effects of age and experience on labor market choices of workers and firms, and implications for unemployment and labor force mobility.

Prior to Intensity, Dr. Telyukova was an Assistant Professor at the University of California, San Diego, where she taught undergraduate and Ph.D.-level classes in macroeconomics and quantitative methods. She won a number of awards and fellowships for her research during this period, including a grant from the Social Security Administration, and a prize in the Networks Financial Institute Competition for Best Paper in Financial Services Regulatory Reform, for her work on housing in retirement.

Dr. Telyukova has significant professional experience as a visiting scholar and consultant at policy institutions. In 2013-2014, she was an economist and consultant at the Research Department of the International Monetary Fund, where she studied the impact of macroeconomic policy changes on economic inequality in low-income countries of Sub-Saharan Africa. Previous engagements included visiting positions at the Federal Reserve Banks of Philadelphia, Atlanta, St. Louis and the Federal Reserve Board, as well as at the Institute for Fiscal Studies in London. Dr. Telyukova has published a number of papers in top peer-reviewed academic journals, and has been a frequent speaker at conferences and seminars around the world. Her recent speaking engagements include the International Economic Association’s World Congress in Jordan, National Reverse Mortgage Lenders’ Association Annual Meetings, Social Security Administration’s Retirement Research Consortium Conference in Washington D.C., and several National Bureau of Economic Research conferences. In addition, she has served on organizing committees of several major conferences, and as a referee for numerous top economic journals.

Dr. Telyukova serves as Treasurer on the Board of Directors of Villa Musica, a local nonprofit dedicated to bringing music education to the community, including after-school music programs for under-served youth and programs for military families.

Dr. Telyukova earned her Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania, where she was awarded the Jacob L. Javits Graduate Student Fellowship for her research on the impact of credit card debt on consumer behavior. She graduated summa cum laude and with Phi Beta Kappa honors from Connecticut College, with undergraduate degrees in Economics and Mathematics.

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