Jacob Fajnor
Jacob Fajnor

Jacob Fajnor


Jacob Fajnor is an Analyst at Intensity specializing in economic and statistical analysis, behavioral economic modeling, organizational behavior, and research. His experience includes modeling behavioral decision theory, especially in the nexus of criminal and labor economics.

An example of his work includes a research project on how the experience of judges affects racial bias during the criminal sentencing process. Mr. Fajnor has also investigated how legal financial obligations affect labor market outcomes for felons, namely their probability of recidivism. The project involved advanced econometric techniques such as Becker Tests, Monte Carlo simulations, quantile regressions, sparse regression methods, and random forest models.

Prior to Intensity, Mr. Fajnor interned with an economic consulting and market research firm where he specialized in labor and employment. He also has been a tutor for econometrics and macroeconomics courses.

Mr. Fajnor earned a B.A. with honors in Economics and a B.A. in Statistics from the University of California, Berkeley.


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