Korok Ray
Korok Ray

Korok Ray, Ph.D.

Senior Advisor

Korok Ray, Ph.D. is a Senior Advisor with Intensity and an expert in economic theory, accounting, innovation, data science, choice theory, mechanism design, and game theory.  Dr. Ray endeavors to understand the best environments for innovation and develops economic models and strategies to analyze the incentives that influence investments into innovation.

Dr. Ray also researches compensation and performance measurement.  He bridges the divide between economics and computer science, using tools from artificial intelligence to better design contracts and incentive systems that achieve better performance outcomes for all.

In addition to his work with Intensity, Dr. Ray is an Associate Professor at the Mays Business School of Texas A&M University.  He is Director of the Mays Innovation Research Center, which is committed to understanding how innovation advances human potential, productivity, and opportunity.  Dr. Ray previously taught at the University of Chicago and Georgetown University, and served on the Council of Economic Advisers of the White House from 2007 to 2009 and helped develop key strategies and policies in response to the historic financial crisis.

Dr. Ray is also an award-winning author with numerous articles in a number of notable publications including:

  • Journal of Accounting and Economics
  • Journal of Investing
  • Journal of International Accounting Research
  • Journal of Corporate Finance
  • Journal of Management Accounting Research
  • Journal of Law, Economics, and Policy
  • Journal of Accounting Research

Dr. Ray earned a Ph.D. in Economics from Stanford University and a B.S. in Mathematics from the University of Chicago.

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