Lanny Chiu
Lanny Chiu

Lanny Chiu, M.S.


Lanny Chiu is a Director at Intensity and a noted expert in business optimization, financial modeling and quantitative analysis. Building on over 15 years of research in solving complex challenges, Mr. Chiu provides expert services in the following areas:

  • Valuations
  • Pricing models
  • Forecasting
  • Cash flow analysis

Mr. Chiu’s background includes the development of a number of sophisticated systems to model and identify current pricing anomalies in financial markets. As one example, he developed an analysis tool to look at a company valuation by component to identify undervalued firms as well as divesture opportunities. In another example, he modeled the estimated cash flows for a large in-force block of business of a major U.S. insurer, which led to a $200 million securitization.

Prior to Intensity, Mr. Chiu was a Director of Analytics at one of the world’s leading retail brands. There, while managing discounting and pricing operations, he developed and analyzed new site configurations and dynamic testing to maximize conversion rates and increase profitability. Mr. Chiu also developed a breakthrough new pricing structure for floral accessories which led to a significant increase in revenue per unit sold without any loss of volume.

Mr. Chiu earned his B.S. in Economics from MIT and a M.S. in Financial Engineering from Columbia University.

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