Matt Brundage
Matt Brundage

Matt Brundage


Matt Brundage is an Associate at Intensity. His professional experience includes economic research and modeling, statistical analyses, and intellectual property valuation. Mr. Brundage applies his expertise to conduct rigorous economic analyses for clients, develop case-specific models, and frame complex quantitative analysis in simple, intuitive language.

Examples of Mr. Brundage’s work include the following projects:

| Evaluation of damages from alleged copyright infringement of photographs. Assessed actual damages, breach of contract damages, indirect profits, and statutory damages. Analyzed the fair market value of the images based on past licensing agreements, invoices, and related product sales.

| Patent portfolio valuation related to telecommunications technology. Valued a large portfolio of patents relating to telecommunications technology through analysis of the relevant market, current and future revenues attributable to the patented technologies, and relevant license agreements.

| Analysis of lost profits and reasonable royalties from alleged infringement of patented pharmaceutical technology in the cardiovascular market. Conducted an evaluation of relevant markets, market share, and physician prescribing behaviors to estimate lost profits and reasonable royalties.

| Analysis of damages in a high-profile class action suit relating to alleged RICO violations. Evaluated consumer surveys, deposition testimony, and comparable product offerings to determine economic damages.

| Evaluation of the commercial success of patented technology pertaining to antibiotics. Conducted evaluation of commercial success including analysis of relevant markets, market shares, economic profitability, a nexus between the patented technology and product sales, promotional expenditures, and price discounting.

In addition, he coauthored a paper in Landslide magazine on the evaluation of commercial success as a secondary consideration of patent nonobviousness.

Prior to joining Intensity, Mr. Brundage conducted award-winning research at Brown University on attitudinal complexity among U.S. citizens regarding income and wealth redistribution. Previously, he worked for a non-profit in Delhi, India, conducting research and preparing policy briefs on hiring discrimination.

Mr. Brundage earned his B.A. in Political Science from Brown University, where he graduated magna cum laude with honors.

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