We are economists, statisticians, data scientists, segment specialists…

In short, really smart people who like working together on tough challenges.

About Us

As our name implies, we work with intensity.

Deliberate and purposeful in everything we do.

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    We love receiving unsolicited praise for a job well done.

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    Where the top brands turn to for quality, reliability and responsiveness unmatched in the industry.

Who We Are

Intensity generates brilliance through powerful research, analysis, and expertise.

Intensity is defined by our beliefs and we hold steadfast to our principles—to attract clients and employees who share our values

Intensity Values

The following core beliefs define us.

  • Relentless improvement is the hallmark of excellence and achievement. Past work and past methods, though successful, can be improved to advance analysis to the next level. Our work is determined by our persistent pursuit of enhancement and improvement in expert analysis.

  • Teamwork means capturing the benefits of two minds over one. And while great minds may think alike at least some of the time, diversity of thought is fundamental to developing superior analysis. Effective work product is built with effective teamwork and collaboration.

  • Independence and objectivity are not negotiable. Our clients and our firm depend upon our unwavering commitment to always deliver unbridled truth. We maintain professional integrity throughout all facets of our work and client interactions.

  • Authentic enthusiasm is powerful. It provides the energy that gives way to achievement. We cultivate strong relationships, both internally and with our clients, that encourage and reward authenticity.

  • Exceeding expectations is the standard. Not occasionally, not once in a while, and not even most of the time. Always.

  • Incredible responsiveness is measured in minutes, not hours. Intensity uses all means possible to address pressing client inquiries immediately, as they arise, regardless of the time displayed on a clock or the date on a calendar. Exceptional client service knows no bounds.

  • On-time completion is essential to effective analysis and client service. While there is a time and place for lengthy contemplation, actionable analysis is predicated on action taken. We start each project with a vision of the completed objective and proceed. We complete our work on time. Period.

  • Simplifying the complex is a matter of thoughtfulness, creativity, and genuine enthusiasm. While different forums and audiences may require unique presentations, the core foundation is high-quality analysis. Scientifically sound analysis can always be accurately and effectively distilled to a clear and simple explanation.

  • Effective communication is always direct and transparent. The adage holds true: say what you mean and mean what you say.

  • Friendliness and intensity combine well together. While the intensity of our approach may not be appropriate across all opportunities, our experts and clients depend upon our acute focus when being right is the required outcome.

How We Operate

Intensity actively engages in continuous, relentless improvement.

A blend of insightful analysis and creative inspiration to generate powerful outcomes for the greatest client value.

Our Clients

Where top organizations turn for unmatched quality, reliability, and responsiveness.

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  • Intensity client Harvard
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An exceptional repeat business rate

"When we have complex issues that require a thorough, thoughtful response in a limited time frame, Intensity is our go to!"
"I have referred him without conditions in the past!"
"We’re extremely happy with the work Dr. Sullivan has done for us!"
"I have told at least 5 different clients/firms about Ryan. I'm still pushing my firm to use him because he is a perfect fit."
"The Intensity team was instrumental in our successful implementation of a new dynamic pricing strategy."
"Intensity’s data-driven approach to ticket pricing showed us how we could improve our revenue and fan engagement."
“I highly recommend Intensity for economic analysis and expertise.”
“Intensity’s experts and consultants perform well under pressure and will not let you down.”
“Every time we work with Intensity, the consultants there are full of energy and enthusiasm to get the job done and get it done well.”
“Intensity is a team of exceptional professionals. I will definitely be calling upon them again.”
"Ryan Sullivan presents the perfect blend of confident knowledge of his subject with an articulate, down to earth delivery."
"Thank you for your great work and tireless pursuit of excellent analysis. It is much appreciated!"