News: Intensity Client Future Link Systems Settles Case Against Intel

Intensity client Future Link Systems settled a case against Intel that involved fifteen patents and all of Intel’s high-volume processors sold within the previous eight years. In 2014, Intel filed a declaratory judgment action against Future Link for nine patents, and Future Link then counterclaimed for patent infringement of those nine patents along with six additional patents.

Intensity was engaged by Irell & Manella on behalf of Future Link to evaluate reasonable royalty damages and address claims of economic prejudice relating to technology used in microprocessors. Intensity evaluated the economic contributions of the asserted technologies and developed detailed analyses that directly measure the effects of the technology on sales and profitability. Intensity developed econometric models that measure the financial impact of specified improvements in processor performance, as well as financial models that measure the benefits of improving time to market.

The Court denied Daubert motions on damages and the parties settled the matter in the month prior to the scheduled start of trial.