News: Intensity Evaluates Reasonable Royalties for Competitors in Inmate Communications Technology

Intensity performed an economic analysis of damages resulting from alleged infringement of several patents relating to inmate telecommunications technology utilized in correctional facilities.

Intensity was engaged on behalf of an inmate telecommunications provider to evaluate reasonable royalties for two patents asserted against a direct competitor, as well as three patents asserted by the competitor against Intensity’s client. Intensity conducted an economic analysis of the contributions of the both parties’ patented technologies to sales, profitability, and marketplace performance. Intensity analyzed the inmate telecommunications marketplace, apportionment to the contributions of the patented technologies, licensing policies and history, the parties’ competitive dynamics, marketing strategies, profitability, and the Georgia-Pacific factors. The analysis also evaluated issues of irreparable harm, adequacy of available remedies, balance of equities, and the public interest, to determine if injunctive relief would be an appropriate remedy.

The case settled favorably upon the completion of expert reports.