Intensity Client Receives Settlement of $683 Million in Opioid Matter

Dr. Stan Panis of Intensity provided statistical analysis on behalf of the Florida Attorney General in a lawsuit over failure to perform due diligence on prescriptions. 

Intensity worked with Kellogg, Hansen, Todd, Figel, & Frederick PLLC on behalf of the Florida Attorney General in litigation alleging that a pharmacy chain failed to perform due diligence on prescriptions for opioid painkillers.

During its work, Intensity analyzed shipments of opioid and related drugs from three major distributors to pharmacies. In addition, Intensity analyzed hundreds of millions of prescriptions for opioids and opioid cocktails filled by two major pharmacy chains, including tens of millions of red-flagged prescriptions that could have prompted the pharmacies to carry out due diligence and document the results.

Intensity designed and implemented statistical samples of about 2,000 prescriptions and scaled up the results to the populations of red-flagged prescriptions. The samples were two-stage samples: in the first stage, 50 pharmacy locations were selected. In the second stage, prescriptions from those pharmacies were selected. The two-stage design reduced the burden on the defendants because many due diligence notes were reportedly kept on paper at their respective locations.

Dr. Stan Panis of Intensity submitted multiple expert reports, provided deposition testimony, and testified at trial. The settlement marks the end of a month-long trial for the final defendant in Florida’s litigation over the opioid crisis. Other defendants had settled before the trial commenced.

ABC News coverage of the settlement can be found here. Law360 coverage (subscription may be required) can be found here. In addition, Bloomberg Law coverage can be found here.

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