News: Intensity Client Secures Favorable Judgment in Patent Infringement Case Involving LCD Televisions

Intensity conducted an economic analysis of marketplace dynamics, segmentation, competition, and costs and profitability to evaluate reasonable royalties for the alleged infringement of patents relating to LCD televisions.

Intensity was engaged on behalf of a large consumer electronics company and LCD television manufacturer to determine reasonable royalties, which involved identifying and quantifying the economic contribution of each of the asserted patents relative to the next best alternative. The identified benefits included manufacturing costs savings, improved display performance, and increased energy efficiency. Intensity evaluated the economic benefits of the asserted patents in the context of the LCD television marketplace while accounting for the alleged infringer’s strategic position and other considerations according to the Georgia Pacific factors. Intensity conducted additional analyses and research on cost savings pass-through and demand elasticity, and the corresponding potential implications for reasonable royalties.

In addition to its evaluation of reasonable royalties, Intensity provided a thorough critique of the opposing expert’s analysis. The Court excluded a portion of the opposing expert’s testimony and issued a stipulated final judgment in favor of our client.