News: Intensity Completes Series of Rapid-Fire Analyses to Assist in Licensing Negotiations

Intensity performed a series of preliminary analyses of potential patent infringement damages on behalf of a biopharmaceutical company.

Intensity successfully provided multiple, successive analyses pertaining to potential lost profits and reasonable royalties, with each deliverable having a requested turnaround time of only a few days. Despite working with a compressed schedule, Intensity carefully evaluated several economic factors potentially relevant for damages and provided multiple outcome scenarios. As the analysis was inherently forward-looking, Intensity projected future sales of the allegedly infringing treatment, evaluated potential marketplace entry and competitive dynamics, and forecasted pricing and profitability. Intensity utilized several approaches to estimating potential reasonable royalties, including market-based and licensing-based royalties. Intensity also evaluated the potential economic benefit of the alleged infringement through an analysis of market capitalization impacts resulting from positive regulatory milestones.