Project: Sports Technology and Trade Dress Analysis


A widely recognized designer, manufacturer, and seller of sporting goods with annual sales of over $1 billion required consulting services relating to golf putters. The company, whose products include golf clubs, golf balls, and related golf accessories, requested that valuations be performed relating to putter technologies and trade dress.

Our Analysis

Intensity determined an economically appropriate royalty for the putter technologies in the marketplace. Specifically, Intensity analyzed the role of the putter technology in relation to drivers of product demand, the economic contribution of the technology, and the competitive environment. Intensity investigated all relevant aspects of the marketplace for the client, including royalty information from license agreements for similar technologies.

Intensity also provided an analysis of profits likely to be earned in relation to specific golf product trade dress, including color, shape, design, and overall consumer impression. This involved an evaluation of consumer familiarity with the putter products and value attribution to the relevant features.

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