Anushree Subramaniam
Anushree Subramaniam

Anushree Subramaniam, Ph.D.

Vice President

Anushree Subramaniam has expertise in health economics, behavioral economics, applied microeconomics, economics of innovation, industrial organization, and applied econometrics.

Dr. Subramaniam provides economic expertise in high-stakes litigation matters relating to biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, medical devices and diagnostics, personalized medicine, consumer electronics, and telecommunication technology. Dr. Subramaniam performs complex, data-driven analyses of reasonable royalties, lost profits, irreparable harm, injunctive relief, commercial success, and patent portfolio value.

Dr. Subramaniam is particularly well versed on economic issues pertaining to the life sciences industry and has taken the lead on matters relating to blockbuster drugs, biosimilar entry, and cutting-edge gene therapies. During her PhD studies, Dr. Subramaniam received the prestigious Mellon/ACLS Dissertation Completion Fellowship in recognition of her dissertation research relating to the value of healthcare innovation for rare diseases.

A few examples of economic issues that Dr. Subramaniam has addressed are as follows:

| Lost profits due to biosimilar entry of a competitor: Assessed the impacts of alleged infringement on the sales of the patentee’s product and patient and physician treatment decisions. Performed regression analysis to capture the effects of price erosion. Evaluated the influence of payer preference on drug choice by performing an in-depth analysis of healthcare formulary coverage status.

| Analysis of economic harm relating to non-invasive heart valve technologies: Evaluated reasonable royalties relating to alleged infringement of patents relating to non-invasive methods to treat mitral regurgitation and issues of irreparable harm to evaluate if a preliminary injunction was appropriate from an economic perspective. Evaluated market expansion, product differentiation, eligible patient populations, and marketplace pricing dynamics.

| Irreparable harm relating to biosimilar entry for blockbuster drug: Evaluated economic harm relating to biosimilar entry, including analysis of product pricing, competition, off-label use, promotional activity, physician prescribing behavior, insurance coverage, and other complex marketplace factors.

| Valuation of patents relating to video streaming technology: Developed patent valuation models for estimating the value of a portfolio of patents relating to video streaming technology. Analyzed drivers of customer demand, customer willingness to pay, marketplace pricing dynamics, and the economic contributions of the patented technologies.

| Valuation of USB technology for mobile telecommunication devices:regu Assessed the value of patents relating to USB charging technology used in smartphones, including analysis of prices, incremental consumer and producer surplus, and smartphone component and manufacturing costs by implementing the patented technology.

Dr. Subramaniam earned her Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Chicago, where she specialized in health economics and applied microeconomics. Dr. Subramaniam received high honors including the Mellon/ACLS Dissertation Completion Fellowship.

Dr. Subramaniam earned dual Bachelor of Science degrees at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. One in Economics, and the other in Mathematics. She also served as a researcher in MIT’s Biomaterials Science and Engineering Lab.

In addition to her work in economics, Dr. Subramaniam is an accomplished pianist and composer and possesses perfect pitch. She has performed internationally in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Australia, and the United States.

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