Laura Valera
Laura Valera

Laura Valera, M.S.

Vice President

Laura Valera is Vice President of Business Operations at Intensity. Her expertise and background include implementing dynamic forecast modeling, data mining methods, and statistical analysis for a wide variety of projects in litigation and business analytics.

Some examples of her work include the following:

| Evaluation of damages for alleged price fixing. Calculation of purchaser-specific and vendor-specific damages on a price-fixing class action and opt-out groups in the corrugated cardboard industry. Performed market simulations in absence of conduct using complex dynamic forecasting tools.

| Research and optimization of clinical trials. Implementation of data mining methods on pharmaceutical engagements to optimize clinical trial methodologies and outcomes.

| Analysis of damages for antitrust on supplements. Dynamic forecasting for overall market, and product-specific price lines, to compute damages in one of the largest international antitrust cases in the vitamin marketplace.

In addition, Ms. Valera co-authored the article “Automated classification of atherosclerotic plaque from ex vivo MR images using predictive models”, a NIH founded research where artificial neural network modeling was performed to predict tissue types on MRI coronary artery specimens.

During her internship at the Department of Monetary Policy of Bank of Spain, Ms. Valera also researched the cause of the large increase of the international investment patterns in the private sector and their impact on economic growth.

Ms. Valera earned her Master’s Degree in Economics and Finance at Centro de Estudios Monetarios y Financieros (CEMFI), Madrid, and her Bachelor’s Degree in Economics at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, with emphasis in Econometrics and Quantitative Methods.

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