Maxwell Urman
Maxwell Urman

Maxwell Urman


Mr. Urman excels in developing analyses to quantify economic damages. This includes analyzing financial and sales data, managing, summarizing, and analyzing large datasets, and reviewing case materials such as contracts, licensing agreements, marketplace surveys, and depositions. He is adept at writing damages reports: summarizing evidence into qualitative arguments and discussing analytical methodology and the quantification of damages. In managing a project, Mr. Urman coordinates with counsel, organizes the project team, and collaborates with the testifying expert.

Examples of Mr. Urman’s work include the following projects:

| Optimal pricing analysis for potential pharmaceutical drug. Used CMS pricing data to benchmark the prices generic drugs are set at in comparison with the branded counterpart. Analyzed the cost dynamics of the drug including taking into consideration potential lost profit and reasonable royalty damages from patent infringement brought forth by a marketplace competitor. Together these analyses were used to establish an optimal entry pricing for a small molecule drug.

| Reasonable royalty analysis for smartphone biometric payment technology. Used survey data and other data to calculate a precise willingness to pay for the patented technology. Contributed to survey design so that its results would illuminate consumer demand. Created model in Excel used quantify damages and to create exhibits submitted to court.

| Calculated damages arising from anticompetitive pricing of application payment processing in the context of antitrust litigation. Developed a methodology used to estimate competitive prices in the but-for world by using benchmark marketplace rates and through an analysis of hundreds of documents related to Android application marketplaces. Created model in Excel and STATA used to quantify damages and to create exhibits submitted to court and to be presented at trial.

| Calculated lost profits arising from allegations that a health data provider stole proprietary data from a competitor. Summarized and analyzed a complex set of allegations (including the ramifications of spoliated evidence) to establish a nexus between alleged conduct and lost profits. Developed an approach to lost profits based on an analysis of financial data. Largest project managed to date with approximately $1.5 billion in damages at stake.

Mr. Urman earned a B.A. in Economics, with honors, from Claremont McKenna College.

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