Robert Flanagan
Robert Flanagan

Robert Flanagan


Rob Flanagan is a Director at Intensity. His professional experience includes economic and financial modeling, statistical analysis, and economic research. Mr. Flanagan applies his expertise to build robust economic models, conduct rigorous analyses of large datasets, and perform detailed research for litigation disputes involving reasonable royalties, lost profits, valuation, and commercial success.

Examples of Mr. Flanagan’s work include the following projects:

Determination of the commercial success and value of patented encryption technology. Performed an analysis of the economic performance of the patented encryption technology and relevant third-party products, as well as license agreements, to evaluate commercial success.  Analyzed feature usage and the contribution of the patented technology to allegedly infringing software products to assess reasonable royalty damages.

| Assessment of reasonable royalty and breach of contract damages for alleged infringement of medical device patents. Analyzed company revenue and profitability data, marketing documents, license agreements, and contribution to product revenue to quantify the value of the patented medical device technology.

| Evaluation of alleged copyright infringement of photographs. Researched and analyzed large volumes of website traffic data to assess actual, breach of contract, and statutory damages resulting from the alleged infringement of copyrighted photographs.

| Economic analysis of lost profits resulting from alleged false advertising in the consumer-packaged goods industry. Analyzed pricing, consumer preferences, and marketplace dynamics using an econometric model to estimate the economic effects of alleged false advertising claims.

Mr. Flanagan earned a B.A. in Economics and a B.B.A in Accounting from the Commonwealth Honors College at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

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