Ryan Marsh
Ryan Marsh

Ryan Marsh, Ph.D.

Vice President

Ryan Marsh, Ph.D., is a Vice President at Intensity, LLC with expertise in labor economics, applied microeconomics, and applied econometrics. Dr. Marsh has applied his expertise to a variety of complex commercial disputes, including intellectual property (patent infringement, trademark, and trade secrets), breach of contract, false advertising (including class certification), and antitrust disputes. In those areas, Dr. Marsh provides expertise regarding numerous issues, including:

  • Lost profits
  • Reasonable royalties
  • Price erosion
  • FRAND licensing
  • Irreparable economic harm
  • Commercial success
  • Unjust enrichment
  • Licensing
  • Valuation
  • Antitrust injury
  • Prejudgment interest
  • Price premium calculations

Dr. Marsh has been involved in high-stakes litigation cases across a range of industries, including medical devices, telecommunications, consumer electronics, automobiles, and petroleum, among others.

Examples of Dr. Marsh’s work include the following projects:

| Alleged patent infringement relating to streaming television devices. Evaluated reasonable royalty damages for patents related to streaming television devices. Analyzed economic issues including the contribution of the patented technology to device sales and to advertising revenue, consumer usage of the at-issue features, and purchase drivers for streaming devices.

| Alleged misappropriation of trade secrets relating to offshore drilling technology. Analyzed unjust enrichment and reasonable royalty damages pertaining to alleged misappropriation of trade secrets involving next-generation offshore drilling technology. Analyzed alleged avoided development costs, company projections of the value of developed products, and the contribution of the asserted trade secrets to the at-issue offshore drilling equipment. Evaluated Lykes-Youngstown factors and Georgia-Pacific factors.

| Alleged patent infringement relating to interfaces between computer programming languages. Analyzed preliminary injunction arguments and reasonable royalty damages for patents relating to interfaces between object-oriented programming and functional programming languages. Evaluated evidence regarding irreparable harm, market indicators of the value of the technology, and the contribution of the patented technology to the at-issue software.

| Class certification issues relating to alleged security flaws in vehicle infotainment systems. Analyzed class certification issues associated with security flaws that allegedly allowed vehicles to be hacked and remotely controlled. Evaluated whether claimed measures of loss in value could reliably calculate class-wide damages on a common-proof basis.

Dr. Marsh earned his M.A. and Ph.D. in Economics from Northwestern University, where he specialized in applied microeconomics and labor economics with a focus on teacher labor markets. Dr. Marsh earned his B.A. in Economics, Mathematics, and Philosophy and his B.S. in Physics from the University of Arkansas.

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