Scott Boulware
Scott Boulware

Scott Boulware

Vice President

Scott Boulware is Vice President of Business Development at Intensity, LLC. Mr. Boulware has proven experience delivering effective client solutions, expanding relationships, and generating sustainable and profitable growth.  

Over the past 17 years in the professional services industry, Mr. Boulware’s efforts and creativity in assessing client needs, team structure, and strategic approach to market have often made him the top revenue generator. He has expanded multiple service lines, such as consulting and testifying subject matter experts, trial presentation, and pre-trial research such as focus groups and mock trials, into AmLaw 100 law firms across the United States.  

Prior to Intensity, Mr. Boulware held business development positions with other legal consulting firms, including a global expert witness agency. He secured one of his firm’s largest accounts during his role as a trial presentation consultant and drove accelerated growth in specified practice areas and the company’s regional sales market. In addition, Mr. Boulware held a director of Marketing position at a corporate entertainment production company where he helped produce multi-million-dollar events that garnered recognition in the industry.   

Mr. Boulware earned his B.S. degree in Theatre from Northwestern University and holds a certificate in Music Theatre. 

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