Matt Farber
Matt Farber

Matt Farber, Ph.D.

Vice President

Matt Farber, Ph.D., specializes in microeconomic theory and data analysis techniques. He applies this knowledge to complex commercial disputes, intellectual property, patent infringement, trademark, trade secrets, breach of contract, and false advertising. In addition, Dr. Farber’s experience in high-stakes litigation cases, emphasizing consumer electronics, energy, telecommunications, medical devices, and networking technology, makes him an incredible asset to the team.

Dr. Farber’s experience includes work in state courts, U.S. district courts, and the International Trade Commission. He has contributed to analyses of alleged lost sales, lost profits, reasonable royalty damages, unjust enrichment, price erosion, irreparable economic injury, domestic industry considerations, remedy and bonding, public interest considerations, and commercial success.

A few examples of Dr. Farber’s work include the following projects:

| Alleged patent infringement relating to self-sealing water balloons. Evaluated lost profits, reasonable royalty damages, and price erosion for alleged patent infringement related to self-sealing water balloons.  Analyzed competition in the market at various levels, incremental revenues and costs, and substitutability across sales channels.

| Alleged misappropriation of trade secrets and breach of contract relating to ambient light sensors. Analyzed unjust enrichment and reasonable royalty damages of suspected misuse of trade secrets and breach of contract involving the structure of ambient light sensors used in smartphones, including evaluation of the incremental profits earned by the defendant on the at-issue products, head-start models relating to the delay of the release of the at-issue products, and Georgia-Pacific factors and Lykes-Youngstown factors.

| Alleged false advertising relating to a third-party website for auto sales. Performed an evaluation of lost profits damages resulting from alleged false advertising regarding pricing claims involving new car sales through a third-party website. Analyses demonstrated that the plaintiff’s expert’s approach overstated and double-counted lost sales, did not attempt to apportion sales to those attributable to the alleged false claims and showed a lack of a discernable, systematic, and/or persistent change following the introduction and removal of the at-issue claims.

| Alleged breach of contract relating to the construction of an oil offloading facility. Evaluated economic damages suffered by an oil logistics firm pertaining to the violation of an agreement between the firm and a previous partner in the construction of rail facilities designed to offload crude oil from oil tanker trains, including evaluations of various projections of future volumes offloaded through the facility and associated respective damages scenarios presented in each set of projections.

Dr. Farber earned his M.S. and Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Texas, where he specialized in applied microeconomics, focusing on the economics of education while serving as a teaching and research assistant both in the economics department and the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs.

Dr. Farber earned his B.S in Business Administration, Economics and his B.A. in Spanish at the University of Richmond, serving as a researcher in the economics department. Prior to beginning his graduate studies, Dr. Farber taught middle school math and high school math in two Title 1 public schools in Houston, serving as department chair data chair and soccer coach during that time.

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