Richard Brady
Richard Brady

Richard Brady, Ph.D.

Vice President

Richard Brady, Ph.D. is a Vice President at Intensity with expertise in microeconomics, applied statistics, financial analysis, choice theory, and mechanism design. Dr. Brady has been involved with numerous complex, high-stakes litigation matters involving intellectual property and contract disputes, with an emphasis on life sciences, biotechnology, and consumer technology. Dr. Brady’s experience involves work at both the U.S. district courts and the International Trade Commission, and has contributed analysis pertaining to irreparable harm, loss in company value, lost profits, reasonable royalties, remedy and bonding, economic domestic industry considerations, unjust enrichment, commercial success, FRAND licensing, public interest considerations, competition, and economic harm.

A few examples of Dr. Brady’s work include the following projects:

| Alleged patent infringement relating to microfluidic technology. Evaluated reasonable royalty damages for a portfolio of patents relating to microfluidic technology used in next generation genetic sequencing applications. Analyzed economic issues including the contribution of the patented technology, license agreements, and marketplace definition.

| Damages analysis relating to alleged breach of contract and patent infringement of prenatal testing technology. Analysis of damages relating to breach claims and patent infringement claims pertaining to non-invasive prenatal testing and genetic analysis technology including valuation modeling, revenue forecasting, and analysis of lost profits, marketplace expansion and segmentation, licensing and distribution, marketing and promotional effects, and a reasonable royalty.

| Alleged trade secret misappropriation relating to middleware used in transaction processing. Evaluated lost profits and unjust enrichment damages resulting from the alleged misappropriation of trade secrets relating to message oriented middleware, including consideration of the economic benefit of the trade secrets, the contribution of the trade secrets to the middleware, and economic alternatives.

| Patent infringement relating to LCD television technology. Performed an analysis of damages relating to alleged infringement of patented LCD television technology. Quantified a reasonable royalty based on consideration of unit sales of accused television models, product profitability, and potential manufacturing cost savings benefits over non-infringing alternative technology.

Dr. Brady is a recognized top U.S. economic expert and rising star by Intellectual Asset Management in 2020 and 2021. He was noted for his work on numerous complex, high-stakes litigation matters involving intellectual property and contract disputes. The IAM stated “Brady takes the lead on a lot of the group’s life sciences matters and impresses with his creativity; alongside Sullivan, he has recently been evaluating damages for a portfolio of patents relating to microfluidic technology.”

Dr. Brady earned his Ph.D. in Economics from the University of California, San Diego, where he specialized in microeconomic theory and econometrics. Dr. Brady is award winning both as a Microeconomic course instructor, and in research with recognition including: Associate-In Teaching Award, Teaching Assistant Excellence Award, Clive Granger Research Fellowship, Advancement to Candidacy Research Fellowship, and the Graduate Student Research Fellowship (2012 and 2013). Dr. Brady also served as a research assistant in the department of economics. He has published economic research in several academic journals—including Econometrica, Social Choice and Welfare, Games and Economic Behavior, and Judgement and Decision Making.

Dr. Brady earned two Master’s degrees. The first one is a Master of Arts, at Duke University, majoring in Economics. The second one is a Master of Science, at the University of Memphis, majoring in Finance.

Dr. Brady earned his Bachelor of Science degree at Christian Brothers University, majoring in Finance and Management, with a minor in Psychology.

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