Kristyn Berretta
Kristyn Berretta

Kristyn Berretta


Kristyn Berretta is a Director at Intensity. She is experienced in the valuation of intellectual property, statistical methods for economic and financial analysis, and economic research. Ms. Berretta applies her expertise to a wide range of analyses that include lost profits, reasonable royalties, commercial success, breach of contract, irreparable harm, antitrust & monopolization, FRAND licensing, and licensing negotiations.

Examples of Ms. Berretta’s work include the following projects:

Assessment of lost profits and reasonable royalties. Analyzed marketplace dynamics, licensing and distribution, and marketing and promotional effects within a fast-growing non-invasive prenatal testing industry to estimate the economic effects of alleged patent infringement and breach of contract claims.

| Assessment of irreparable harm, public interest, and balance of equities. Evaluated harm to reputation, lost sales, and price erosion as well as marketplace factors including customer preferences, regulatory effects, and promotional activity to assess irreparable harm, public interest, and balance of equities resulting from alleged patent infringement of consumer products.

| Evaluation of damages resulting from alleged antitrust violations and false advertising claims. Determined lost profits relating to healthcare informatics software by evaluating economic issues such as market definition, market concentration, competitive landscape, barriers to entry, and revenue projections but-for the alleged conduct.

| Analysis of economic harm resulting from alleged patent infringement. Evaluated marketplace dynamics, licensing policies, competitive relationship, sales and profitability, and the economic contributions of the patented technology to determine quantification of a reasonable royalty for telecommunications technology.

Ms. Berretta earned a B.S. in Mathematics and a B.S. in Management Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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