Fred Selck
Fred Selck

Fred Selck, Ph.D.

Managing Director

Fred Selck, Ph.D. is a Managing Director at Intensity. His primary focus is the intersection of healthcare and economics. He applies his expertise in healthcare, health insurance, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and healthcare policy to help clients solve complex issues.

He has particular expertise in the following areas:

  • Health economics
  • Applied economics
  • Innovation and intellectual property
  • Markets and competition
  • Class certification

Dr. Selck has over a decade of experience as a consulting expert and testifying expert. He has testified in U.S. District Court, U.S. Bankruptcy Court, and the Delaware Court of Chancery.

Examples of Dr. Selck’s work include:

| Serving as a testifying expert in a foreign jurisdiction matter on behalf of a global biopharmaceutical manufacturer related to economic damages from an overturned biologic injunction.

| Served as a testifying expert in a matter involving whether commercially reasonable efforts were performed in developing a pipeline product.

| Served as the testifying expert in a matter involving the expected lifetime costs associated with the use of biologics and how these costs are affected by the loss of IP exclusivity.

| Served as the consulting expert and led the consulting team on behalf of the defendants in a class action alleging the participation of pharmacy benefit managers in the price inflation of a popular brand-name pharmaceutical product. Class certification was denied.

Prior to Intensity, Dr. Selck was a Partner at Bates White where his life sciences and healthcare expertise were applied to wide variety of matters that include patent infringement, antitrust, False Claims Act, and fraudulent conveyance claims. Previously, he was a fellow at the National Center for Health Statistics and part of the Health Economics Research Group at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

In addition to his role at Intensity, Dr. Selck is a member of Professional Faculty in Health Economics and Health Finance at Johns Hopkins University, where he has taught graduate-level courses in health economics, innovation, and health care finance. Further, his work has been published in peer-reviewed journals such as Health Services Research, Journal of Public Health Management and Practice, Statistics in Medicine, and Annals of Surgery, among others.

Dr. Selck earned his Ph.D. in Applied Economics from Johns Hopkins University. He received his master’s and bachelor’s degrees in Economics from City University of New York, Hunter College.

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