Peter Hawkins
Peter Hawkins

Peter Hawkins


Peter Hawkins has expertise in antitrust litigation and damages analysis. Mr. Hawkins is skilled in processing unstructured data from various sources into consolidated databases, creating visual displays of data insights, performing statistical analyses, and explaining concepts to a non-technical audience.

Mr. Hawkins has contributed analysis and research relating to lost profits and antitrust litigation. He has worked across several industries, including agriculture, energy, healthcare, and consumer products. Examples of his work include the following projects:

| Evaluation of alleged monopsony in the agricultural industry. Analyzed sales and farmer contract data and researched policies regarding USDA subsidies to explore the determinants of price changes for a major agricultural commodity.

| Assessment of alleged price fixing in the consumer-packaged goods industry. Researched input markets and analyzed sales data to determine whether a reduction in package size constituted price fixing. Assessed reasonable damages relating to the alleged price fixing.

| Evaluation of the competitive effects of a proposed merger in the travel technology industry. Performed industry research and audited sections of an expert report filed to address alleged anti-competitive effects of a proposed merger.

Prior to Intensity, Mr. Hawkins worked in the Competition Practice at Charles River Associates, where he contributed research to expert reports, worked directly with clients and counsel, and coordinated data processing responsibilities. He has further experience in economics as an undergraduate teaching assistant for the Vancouver School of Economics.

Mr. Hawkins earned his Bachelor of International Economics from the University of British Columbia (Vancouver) with a minor in Spanish.

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